Feather and Down - Sleep in a Bottle

Sleep is one of the most essential cornerstones of our lives. It is as crucial to your health as eating, so why for some of us is this so hard? Is it your hectic lifestyle? Your stressful job? Or like me have you just become a new sleep deprived mum desperate to teach her infant how to sleep through the night?

Feather & Down was a range of products I was excited about, not only for me but also for baby to! Over the past 5 weeks my home has become a lavender infused paradise with the Feather & Down Reed Diffuser, the Feather & Down melting shower cream, the Feather & Down calming candle and the Feather & Down sleeping bag gift set which includes the sleeping balm an eye mask a pillow spray and a lovely little bag which has now become my makeup bag!

I’m not a big fan of diffusers anyway but the first 2 weeks of the feather and down reed diffuser my bedroom smelt WOW…. truly amazing!! After that period the scent reduced but like any diffusers on the market you need to give the sticks a wee shake up every few days and the your back to smelling the lovely sweet scents of chamomile and lavender around your room!

With the aroma of the Feather & Down calming candle filling the bathroom, I was well on my way to feeling relaxed. The candle at £13.50 is pricey but as a gift I would consider it as the candlewick did not burn away quickly. Even when not lit the bathroom still smelt of lavender, so it will be on the go in my house for a long time!

The Feather & Down Shower Cream will melt into an oil, which was strange in the beginning but only because I was so used to products that gave a good lather. The smell and feel of my skin was utterly divine! On occasions I did drop a little on the babies sponge when giving the nighttime bath I loved the smell so much on myself I decided he would to!! (I would totally recommend, it’s worth the £4.50!!)

Last but certainly not least over the past weeks I’ve sprayed the sweet dreams pillow spray on my pillow, bed and moses basket every night in the hope that the lavender and chamomile spray would help us get the sleep we most definitely needed! And it’s no wonder Feather & Down won best new health and wellbeing products at the beauty awards for we now have all night sweet dreaming sleeping baby and mummy!! I think these products have all helped to get us to this stage, so I am a big fan!!