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5 Ways to Layer Stylishly in Winter

Staying warm while looking cool is harder than it sounds. You want to stay warm and dry out there when it’s raining sideways or you can’t feel your toes anymore, but still there is the style guru lurking in you all that doesn’t want to leave the house looking like you’re wearing every item in your wardrobe at once – not to mention how uncomfortable it feels to have so many layers on.

Underneath it all
The layers against your skin, like vests are there to keep you warm and wick moisture away from your skin. They should be completely hidden to be of maximum warmth benefit to you. It’s best to follow the ‘thin to thick’ scale – the inner layers should be thinner, and get thicker as you go out.

Ponchos are made often with wool that will keep you warm in the cold weather, and you can layer these with a stylish shirt or long sleeve top to keep you warm. If you have a nice shirt you want to show off, but it’s still really cold out use it as a visual anchor by wearing a wide neck poncho with it – extra warmth without denting your style. Your poncho should be loose fitting enough that you can comfortably wear a shirt or top underneath it, and it can be easily removed when you get too warm – fine wool blends are the best materials for this, as they won’t bulk you out but still keep you warm, and they’re readily available in a wide range of colours.

Cool coats for staying warm
Your outer layer, or your coat, should be long enough to cover your previous layers as its primary function is to keep you warm and dry. There are lots of styles available here – trench coats, bomber jacket, quilted coat are all advisable options. This outer shell should keep you protected and comfortable, and try and keep the colours muted so that you can get maximum use from them – keep the colours for your jumpers and shirts.

Use your head
It’s a no brainer, adding a hat to your outerwear is a simple fix with huge benefits when it comes to staying warm this season, and it’s one of the easiest layers to add as there are so many styles available – and it can be removed quickly when you’re indoors or when it heats up.

Scarves & Gloves
Lenny Kravitz caused chaos one winter with his oversized scarf on the streets of New York, and while the fashion community was divided on their opinion of it there’s no denying a scarf will keep you warm, and it a very easy and versatile layer of clothing to manage. Choose your preferred material, colour and pattern, and wrap up warm!
Gloves are also the most obvious layer for adding warmth to your extremities, so make sure to invest in a good pair that will see you through winter. We have a selection of gloves in our Franklins stores for you to suss out this winter.
Stay warm and stylish out there for winter 2019.

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