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What your shoes say about you

Footwear, in all its shapes and forms, says a lot about a person’s personality and style. Fashion, by its nature, is one of the many ways we can express out personality; it allows us to present an image of ourselves to the world that we can personally craft and alter ourselves. Clothing speaks on a subconscious level; as does your footwear. Here’s what your shoes say about you; we can’t guarantee to get everything right, but we think we’re pretty close.

Power Heels
A woman in high heels portrays someone who is professional, feminine, poised – otherwise known as power heels. High heels often suggest a woman who is classically stylish; they’re a reliable choice, and always fashionable. They can be worn in a range of different ways, each of them indicative of a different kind of woman. High heels with a tailored dress or suit suggest an organised, tidy, sensible powerful woman, but heels worn with skinny jeans suggest a creative, artistic, stylish flair. Regardless, the high heel is a shoe for events, display, performance, authority and urbanity. So versatile and yet super stylish.

Ankle Boots
Find us a woman who doesn’t love ankle boots. A classic leather ankle boot belongs to the woman who knows how to dress. Trendy and understated, and perfect for a lazy afternoon in, or a night out on the town. Worn with skinny jeans, brighter colour boots suggest a girl who doesn’t follow the crowd; and is someone who probably has a fantastic music collection at home.

Trainers are the ultimate shoe for comfort, and this says a lot about the girl sporting trainers as part of her day-to-day look. This girl has a casual, laid back vibe, with a sporty, street edge. She likes being comfortable (don’t we all!); you might see her sporting a pair of skinny jeans and an edgy leather jacket to complete her look. Effortlessly cool and chilled out, she’s comfortable in herself and her style.

Flat Shoes
Knowing what your shoes say about you helps you to create the perfect look for any occasion. Flat shoes suggest traditionalism; the woman who wears flats knows what she likes and knows what suits her and her style. However, flat shoes have been making waves in the fashion world lately, and are fast becoming a style staple of young, fashionable women. Usually paired with skinny jeans and a fitted knit jumper, flats are indicative of a woman who knows how to dress, and loves the finer things in life. This is a woman who knows her champagne from her prosecco!

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