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Tweezers & Tools

Tweezers & Tools for sale online at Franklins, the home of hair and beauty online.
A well-stocked toolkit is the key to success for any beauty therapist but what’s a toolkit without the right set of salon tweezers? Whether straight, rounded, pointed or high-performance, technical tweezers are what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of tweezers and tools.
  • Hive Pointed Tweezers - Franklins
    Sold out

    Hive Pointed Tweezers


    This tweezer has an excellent grip on the hair to get it from the root The precise pointed tip is excellent for removing individual hairs

  • Technic Eyelash Curlers - Franklins
    Sold out

    Technic Eyelash Curlers


    Technic Metal Eyelash Comes with an easy grip handle and rubber insert so you can curl your lashes without crimping.