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Dream Goddess Fairytales 'Scarlet' Ponytail

Scarlet Ponytail - clip in curly upstyle accessory -23 inches in length - synthetic heat resistant prestyled hair piece

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DG - Hairresistible - Scarlet
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CARE AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR YOUR HAIR PIECE  To keep your hair piece in the best condition, always use shampoos and conditioners intended for use with hair extensions. oAdd a little amount of shampoo to lukewarm water oGently shake the hair piece in the water oShake out the excess water (do not squeeze or wring the hair piece) oHang until completely dry then brush into desired style We do not recommend that you sleep in your Dream Goddess hair piece. Do not wear your Dream Goddess hair piece while swimming as chlorine can damage it. We do not recommend you dye any Dream Goddess hair piece. We do not recommend you use any heated appliance on the hair piece. Keep out of reach of children Not recommended for sufferers of hair loss, alopecia, balding or weak hair. Due to hygiene reasons there is no exchange or refund on Dream Goddess Hair pieces
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