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Kleral Magicrazy 100ml

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Hair coloring and health are still a difficult combination to digest, especially when looking for particular shades, intense colors and sophisticated shades. Changing color or giving a new nuance to our hair often becomes a compromise between the idea that we have made for our hairstyle and a result that is not up to expectations.

MAGICOLOR is the right solution for difficult colors. A cream color that allows you to get a wide range of shades, even among the most sought after and extreme shades, without sacrificing the health of hair.

The concentrated action of Vitamins A, B2 and C of its composition, allows reinforcing hair, restores energy and promotes natural regrowth even during the coloring process. A real protective action to keep hair healthy and strong.
This opens up a world of possibilities, with colors and nuances without boundaries. You will be able to satisfy even the most difficult requests and to indulge in the most unrestrained creativity, without having to give up a professional product that preserves the natural health of your hair.

Some advice: to obtain the desired color, consult the relevant table and select the corresponding emulsion. During preparation do not mix the preparation in metal containers and instruments. The shutter speed for an effective coloring is about 15-20 minutes. Before proceeding with coloring, make sure that there are no allergic reactions on the scalp. If in doubt, carry out a 48-hour test before using the product.

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