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Pretty Smooth Eyebrow Shapers 28 Strips Perfect Eyebrows Without Tweezing

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Fast, effective and easy to use, the eyebrow shapers are the ideal error-free alternative to tweezing
  • Benefits
They are specially shaped to be used above and below the brow line, creating perfectly shaped brows every time. 
Contains up to 14 applications.
  • Product Uses
After removal, the treated area will remain hair free until new roots have been formed, usually between 3 and 6 weeks. Any hair appearing before this time is not regrowth, but hairs not visible or too short when area was waxed.
Continual waxing over a period of time will inhibit the amount of hair growth.
1. Before use, cleanse the area to ensure it is free from oils.
2. To use, remove curved strip by the edge from backing paper.
3. Brow hairs grow away from the nose and upward in the centre of the brow.
4. Make sure the strip covers only the area where hair removal is desired.
5. If you make a mistake, slowly and carefully peel the wax strip with the hair growth and you can start again. Ideally use a new strip.
6. When in place press down on the wax strip firmly.
7. With the index and third finger pull the skin taut and peel the wax strip off against the direction of hair growth..
8. To remove hair between the eyebrows use the straight strip and remove in a downward direction.
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