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Tips for Matching a Fascinator to Your Outfit

Purple, Pink & Gold Fascinators modelled on same woman.

Jackie Mcilroy |

Are you gearing up for a wedding, a day at the races, or another special occasion? Choosing the right fascinator can transform your outfit from simple to stunning.

Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or add a subtle touch of elegance, this blog is here to guide you through selecting the perfect fascinator to complement your outfit. We'll explore how to match colours, consider styles, and ensure your headpiece is as fabulous as the event you're attending.

Get ready to turn heads with confidence and charm!

Matching a Fascinator to Your Outfit

Choosing the perfect fascinator can seem pretty straightforward, but there are a few things you'll want to think about first.

What kind of event are you going to? An outdoor wedding might need something different from a fancy indoor gala. What will the weather be like? No one wants their hat to end up soggy from the rain. Your hairstyle and hair colour are also key because you want your fascinator to sit nicely, fit securely and really pop.

Most importantly, think about your outfit - your fascinator can either blend in to match your outfit or standout to make a bold statement.

Should fascinators match the dress or shoes?

When choosing a fascinator, start by selecting your dress first. We suggest coordinating the fascinator with the colours of your accessories - like your shoes, bag, or jewellery. This not only ties your look together but also introduces an eye-catching contrast to the overall outfit.

Alternatively, you could try matching the fascinator with the colour of your dress rather than the accessories. This option works well if you prefer a minimalist look, that gracefully flows from top to bottom. The choice is really down to your own personal preference and style.


Tips on How to Match a Fascinator to Your Outfit

We've came up with the following tips to help you perfectly match a fascinator to your outfit, for any formal occasion! 

Tip 1: Choose the Perfect Colour 

Choosing the right colour for your fascinator really matters, as it can make or break the look of your outfit.

Matching your fascinator with other parts of your outfit can coordinate your look. It’s also a good idea to choose a shade that flatters your skin tone and hair colour - this could be the difference between washing out your complexion or bringing out your natural features.

You could also choose a fascinator colour based on the season or the vibe of the event you’re going to. Light or bright colours are great for spring, summer or daytime events, whereas richer, deeper tones work well for winter events or a fancy evening do.

For inspo, take a look at what colour fascinators we’d match with different dress colours.

🌿 Match Green Dresses and Outfits with…
  • Beige Fascinators - This neutral shade is subtle and can add elegance without overwhelming the dress. Ideal for formal and daytime events.
  • Burgundy/Purple Fascinators - A deep, rich burgundy provides a striking contrast that compliments green, perfect for sophisticated looks at autumn or evening events.
  • Pink Fascinators - Soft pinks or bright fuchsia can add a playful pop to green, suitable for lively or summer occasions. It brings a fresh, youthful vibe.


        🩷 Match Pink Dresses and Outfits with… 
        • Pale Pink Fascinators - Mixing different shades of pink can create a delicate look, great for Spring/Summer weddings or daytime events.
        • White Fascinators -Pink and white are a classic for a reason, this combo is versatile and lends itself to different skin tones and event types.
        • Green Fascinators - Sage green works great with pale pink, whereas bright green compliments brighter pink shades. Plus, these colours also photograph well in natural outdoor settings!


        Baby Pink Flower Style Fascinator


        🍒 Match Red Dresses and Outfits with…
        • Red Fascinators - A “red-on-red” always goes down a hit, especially in Autumn/Winter. It’s perfect for making a statement and suits blondes and brunettes alike.
        • Baby Blue Fascinators - Baby blue offers a gentle contrast to red, and can add a refreshing cool tone which is ideal for daytime events.
        • Black Fascinators - A black fascinator offers sophisticated elegance, creating a striking contrast ideal for evening formal occasions.


        🖤 Match Black Dresses and Outfits with…
        • Black Fascinators - for a sophisticated look, a black fascinator creates a sleek, monochromatic style. This is ideal for formal events, and suits all hair colours.
        • White Fascinators - to achieve a classic timeless look, go for a white fascinator with a black dress. This striking contrast is perfect for formal occasions all year round.
        • Bright Fascinators - choose a brightly coloured fascinator for black outfits, to add an accent colour that stands out. Red, royal blue, or emerald green, are great options to complement the heavy weight of black.
        Sunflower Looped Flower Hairband Fascinator - Franklins

        Sunflower Looped Flower Headband Fascinator


        Tip 2: Choose a Suitable Size

        Choosing the right size fascinator can bring together your overall look too, however you don’t want to overwhelm your outfit either. Petite ladies should go for smaller sizes in proportion with their height, whereas taller girls with broader shoulders can usually pull off bigger styles.

        And don’t forget - larger fascinators tend to suit updos as they balance the volume of hair on top of the head, while smaller hairpieces can complement shorter or more tightly styled hair.

        In the world of wedding fashion, the size of a fascinator can actually say quite a bit…

        A bigger fascinator can sometimes mean you're playing a bigger part in the wedding ceremony. So if you’re the mother of the bride, a bridesmaid or a close family member, you can afford to go for a more elaborate fascinator. (But remember, it’s all about balance - you don’t want to outshine the bride!)


        Small Fascinators are best suited for:

        • Small Wedding Ceremonies or Private Christenings
        • Petite figures to maintain proportion
        • Short hairstyles, like pixie cuts or sleek buns 

        Medium Sized Fascinators are best suited for:

        • Most Wedding Types or Formal Social Events
        • Range of body types and heights
        • Shoulder length bobs, or half-up, half-down hairstyles

        Large Fascinators are best suited for:

        • Grand Occasions like Race Day Events
        • Taller or fuller figures, that can carry a bold look
        • Full up-dos or voluminous curls

        Tip 3: Choose a Complimentary Style

        When choosing a fascinator, think about how the style and design can add to your look - it’s like picking the right frame for a picture.

        For example, if you have a round face try to go for something angular for a bit of edge. Or if your face is more angular, a soft more rounded fascinator could really soften your features. One of our favourite tricks is to choose a fascinator with some height or vertical elements, as this can actually make you look taller!

        Material type is another key element, with some materials providing a classic look and others offering more modern on-trend aesthetic. If you’re concerned about thinning hair or bald spots, some fascinators are designed to cover more of your head and conceal problem areas, which is always welcome.

        Take a look at these different designs and styles, to see which suits the look you’re trying to achieve:


        Pillbox fascinators have been a chic accessory since the 1930s, but they really became popular in the 1960s thanks to style icons like Jackie Kennedy! Known for their sleek, round shape, pillbox fascinators are particularly flattering for people with oval or heart-shaped faces.

        Fuchsia Pink Satin Net & Feather Fascinator - Franklins

        Fuchsia Net Feather Pillbox Fascinator


        Saucer / Disc

        Saucer or Disk Fascinators have been around since the mid-20th Century, but have made a major comeback in recent years with a modern twist. They're perfect for sophisticated special occasions - like weddings, garden parties, or a day at the races - and suit longer thin face shapes.

        Mustard Fascinator - Franklins

        Mustard Disc Fascinator



        Net fascinators have been a classic fascinator style since Victorian times. This material holds its shape well, meaning it can form rigid shapes or even a partial veil over the face. A small net veil fascinator is a great alternative for brides wanting a subtle take on a classic veil at their wedding day. Net fascinators also work well for cocktail parties or swanky black-tie events.

        Sapphire Blue Swirl Net Pillbox Fascinator - Franklins

        Sapphire Blue Swirl Net Pillbox Fascinator



        Add a touch of royalty to your outfit with a crown fascinator, made popular by royals like Kate Middleton and Queen Consort Camilla. These designs act like a halo or headband, and can be easily paired with simpler dresses. 

        Daffodil Yellow Net Headband Fascinator - Franklins

        Daffodil Yellow Net Headband Fascinator



        Bow fascinators are ideal for spring and summer weddings, or daytime garden parties. Best paired with understated outfits like sleek dresses or tailored suits, these fascinators can add a playful on-trend touch to your look.

        Diamante Sparkle Bow Hairband Fascinator - Franklins

        Diamante Sparkle Bow Headband Fascinator



        Flowers are a must for any celebration, so why not wear some as part of your fascinator? Flower fascinators are particularly suited to outdoor events like garden parties or weddings, where they can complement the natural beauty of the surroundings. They pair beautifully with flowy, pastel dresses or elegant summer suits.

         Tulip Red Pillbox Feather & Flower Fascinator - Franklins

        Red Pillbox Feather Flower Fascinator



        Traditionally feathers symbolised status and refinement in fashion, today they still create that first class feeling. Feather fascinators can be dramatic, so it's best to wear them with an outfit that allows the piece to stand out - like an elegant sheath dress or a tailored suit in solid colours.

        Hot Purple Soft Feather Pillbox Fascinator - Franklins

        Hot Purple Soft Feather Pillbox Fascinator


        How do you attach fascinators to your head?

        Fascinators are typically attached to the head using a few different methods: headbands, which are easy to wear and good for heavier designs; combs, which slide into your hair for a secure fit; or clips, which are versatile and can be placed anywhere in the hair.

        How should you wear a fascinator?

        Usually, a fascinator goes on the right side of your head. This old rule comes from the days when women were often escorted by men walking on their left, making sure the fascinator stayed in plain sight. But don't worry, it's not a hard rule. Feel free to wear it on whichever side suits your hairstyle and what you like best!

        What fascinator styles do not go out of style?

        Timeless fascinator styles include those with classic shapes, such as small pillboxes, modest bows, and subtle floral or feather arrangements. Neutral or traditional colours like black, white, or navy also stand the test of time. If you don’t want to regret a fashion choice when you look back at photographs years later, we always advise to go simple!


        Match Our Favourite Fascinators to Your Outfit

        As you get ready to choose the perfect fascinator, keep in mind the essentials we’ve covered: the colour, size, and style that best complement your outfit. Whether you're coordinating with your dress or choosing a striking contrast, finding the right balance is key. Go for a size that enhances your look without overshadowing it, and pick a style that suits the tone of your event.

        Why not take a moment to browse through our extensive online collection? We have a variety of options that cater to every style and occasion, ensuring you’ll find just what you need.

        Good luck as you prepare for your upcoming event - we're sure you'll turn heads with whatever fascinator you choose!

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