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Beauty Essentials

Beauty Essentials for sale online at Franklins, the home of hair and beauty online.
The range of beauty salon essentials you’ll find at Franklins covers everything from couch roll covers, sponges and mitts to handheld mirrors, appointment stationery, tweezers, tools and disposables that help to keep your beauty salon running smoothly. Our selection of beauty couch covers are made from environmentally friendly paper and include easy to tear perforations for efficient replacement between each appointment, helping you to consistently improve your cleanliness and efficiency within the salon .All at an affordable price.


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Hair Salon Supplies

  • DMI Disposable Aprons (100) - Franklins Save 54%

    DMI Disposable Aprons (100)

    £5.50 £12.00

    DMI essentials 100 polythene disposable aprons Packs of 100 semi-transparent disposable aprons. One size fits all.