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Gowns for sale online at Franklins, the home of hair and beauty online.

Suitable for both hairdressing and barbering needs, our broad range of hairdressing gowns ensure your customer’s clothes are constantly protected throughout their salon visit. Our selection of hairdressing gowns with sleeves are the perfect solution for cutting, colouring and perming appointments while also making your life as a stylist easier thanks to their washable, drip dry features and durable, anti-static material. Browse washable products, made of anti-cling and durable material or invest in shoulder cape salon gowns.


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Hair Salon Supplies

  • DMI Disposable Aprons (100) - Franklins Save 54%

    DMI Disposable Aprons (100)

    £5.50 £12.00

    DMI essentials 100 polythene disposable aprons Packs of 100 semi-transparent disposable aprons. One size fits all.