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Dream Goddess Gel Polish 10ml DRACO

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The Goddess Of Colours

Live out your true dream goddess beauty with a high shine, glossy finish. Perfect for both beauty salons and professional nail technicians, the Dream Goddess gel polish cures in just 30 seconds, lasting up to 3 weeks with its non-chip feature. Plus, with the non-wipe topcoat, there’s no need for gel wipe solution. 

Dream Goddess Nails has the most unique shades from bold colours to the most dazzling of Sparkles.


  1. Prepare the nail by shaping, removing any surface shine and carrying out cuticle work,  taking extra care to remove the shine down the sidewalls and around the cuticle area
  2. Clean the nail plate to remove any dust and surface oils
  3. Apply a thin layer of base coat, sealing the free edge
  4. Cure for the appropriate amount of time according to the lamp you are using

                        As a guide:

                                          48 watt (white light) lamps = 30 seconds

                                          12 watt LED Lamp = 60 seconds

                                          36 watt UV Lamp = 120 seconds

  1. Apply a thin layer of Gel Polish colour and seal the free edge
  2. Cure
  3. Apply a second layer of Dream Goddess Gel Polish, repeating the previous steps. Seal the free edge and cure.
  4. Apply a thin layer of Top Coat, seal the free edge and cure
  5. When using our Non-Wipe Top Coat, wait for 5 seconds for nails to cool then apply Cuticle Oil


Use light, even strokes to avoid applying the gel polish too thickly.

Avoid flooding the cuticle area with the product. This will cause the product to lift from the nail. Remove if necessary before curing.

 Ensure Dream Goddess Gel Polish is fully exposed to the LED or UV light when curing.

Dream Goddess Gel Polish is highly pigmented - darker colours may need longer curing times.

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