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Pure Nails Dualit White Gel 28g

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Dual It combines all the advantages of UV Gel with the strength and durability of Acrylic.  A low odour product that combines specially formulated lightweight gels with its matching acrylic powder, to produce a result that offers all the advantages of both.  The lightweight combination reduces the chance of breaking or cracking, whilst at the same time protecting the natural nail and promoting healthy growth through regeneration of new cells. Dual It is so strong and durable that it can be applied thinly leaving a natural feel and appearance.  Use as an overlay on natural nails or to form the most beautiful artificial nails.  There is no Gel/Powder ratio to learn, simply dip your brush into the gel and then into the powder.  The more powder the thicker the finish.

Application for brush technique:

1. Use Sanitising Spray

2. Remove any excess cuticle and gently buff the nail using a 180 grit file to remove the surface shine

3. Clean the nail plate with Nail Prep plus to remove any dust and surface oils

4. Apply nail tips if required

5. Prime the nail with Acryl it Primer

6. Using a gel brush, dip into the Dual it Gel followed by the Dual it Powder (no ratio required) apply over the whole nail plate, pulling off at the free edge

7. Cure under a 36W UV Lamp for 3 minutes

8. Apply a second coat to create a 'C' curve - to enhance the 'C' curve hold the nail upside down whilst curing

9. Apply an optional third coat and cure for 3 minutes

10. Remove tacky layer using Gel Cleanse

11. Buff the nail and shape tip

12. Remove dust using Gel Cleanse

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